Who we are

We make people from different European countries meet, learn others' languages, talk with each other, and most of all, have fun!

We are an independently registered non profit, non-partisan, non-denominational organisation, based in Dresden, Germany. We are recognized as one of the central offices in Germany of the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO).

Our events / conferences / seminars / internships are organised in Germany, in cooperation with our partners in France and Poland, as well as various other European countries.

What do we offer?

Education in another light!

> Projects in the area of professional education

Exchange programmes ran by mentors from Germany and partner countries. Engaging in a specific profession in an international context not only raises one’s competence in that field, but also significantly improves social and linguistic abilities. A look into the culture and mentality of others is examined and considered together.

Ideas as an audible result of another mentality!

> Themed projects

Special interest groups will be brought together via themed-based encounters. Through group work and the exchange of ideas, the specific characteristics of other culture groups can be discovered and assessed.

Words as a melodious messenger of other cultures!

> Foreign language encounters in the summer

Under professional supervision, participants, through their tandem partners, will discover, in a fun and engaging manner, much more about another country and its language.

A mediator as an active engine in European unification!

> seminars and educational opportunities

Future team-members are being taught pedagogy and methodology as well as various foreign languages, in order to be well-prepared in the professional supervision required for international encounters.

Work with us!

Do you have a greater interest in the wider world, its cultures and languages, beyond the everyday world of merely earning a pay check?

Many of our projects offer something unique that allows us to get off the beaten path of the German-French program and to expand our European horizons!

You can help us: let us know who you are!

Please keep in mind: your work with us can be done in conjunction with your regular study or work schedule.

Questions about participation, our work or any project ideas? Get in touch!